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Last worked on this page January 23, 2001.
Check New Mexico Game and Fish website found under links on this page.  If you would like more information contact JACO Outfitters at (505) 387-6640.
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JACO Outfitters 2001-2002 Price List

Archery Hunts on Public Land
Archery Hunts on Private Land

(Guaranteed Licenses Available (Additional))

Rifle/Muzzle Loader Hunts on Public Land Rifle/Muzzle Loader Hunts on Private Land

(Guaranteed Licenses Available (Additional))

* Add $500.00 for a Deer/Elk Combo Hunt for Archery Hunts only

New Mexico Game and Fish Big Game Price List

Residents------------------Non Residents

Elk--------- $66.00------------------ $480.00

Deer------- $23.00------------------ $180.00

Turkey --- $15.00------------------ $75.00

Bear------- $30.00------------------ $150.00

Bighorn--- $96.00------------------ $3,006.00


*Be Patient and wait for the background to come up.

*Actual Photo of unit 44/45 La Jicarilla Peak from Unit 49. (My Back Yard!!!)


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