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About the Outfitter





 John Olivas is a registered guide and outfitter for the state of New Mexico. He is a native to New Mexico and has hunted the area for over fifteen years. He has hunted both rifle and bow for elk and deer. He is currently an exclusive bow hunter and has spent many years figuring and obtaining information about the species he has chosen to take. Attention to detail and working for your success is what makes this outfitter for you.

John holds an undergraduate degree in Biology and has received a masters in Environmental Management and Life Sciences. His thesis project consisted of figuring spatial and temporal dynamics for mule deer in northern New Mexico. Experience and knowledge of the animal and area is second to none. If there is anyone out there that knows outdoors and wildlife, John is the outfitter for you. He currently works hand in hand with the Department of the Interior and with the State Game and Fish Department, and his understanding is far from being outmatched. Working with these agencies allows him to crucial information pertaining to big game and their management scheme.


*Be Patient and wait for the background to come up.

*Actual Photo of unit 44/45 Mora Flats in the Pecos Wilderness.


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