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New Mexico Elk & Deer                          JACO Outfitters                                      Phone
              Outfitter                                              P.O. Box 65 Holman, NM 87723                               505-387-6640
            License # 0-01510
Units 6, 9, 44/45, 46, 48, 4, 50, 52, 53, 54,55 New Mexico

This contract by JACO Outfitters, and ______________________________________________________of
Phone___________________. Whereas JACO Outfitters hereby reserves the following hunting dates and seasons. Please check the hunt in which you wish to participate.

6 Day Bow Hunt Dates Desired____________
#1 September 1-6 Fully-guided (private) $3750.00         ____________
                               Fully-guided (public)) $3000.00         ____________

#2 September 8-13 Fully-guided (private) $3750.00       ____________
                               Fully-guided (public) $3000.00          ____________

#3 September 15-20 Fully-guided (private) $3750.00    ____________
                              Fully-guided (public) $3000.00          ____________

5 Day Rifle Hunt
#4 October 9-13 Fully-guided (private) $4250.00             ____________
                             Fully-guided (public) $3500.00             ____________

#5 October 16-20 Fully-guided (private) $4250.00          ____________
                            Fully-guided (public) $3500.00              ____________

#6 October23-27 Fully-guided (private) $4250.00          ____________
                            Fully-guided (public) $3500.00             ____________

The above named hunter has the rights to hunt Elk,  Deer, Bear, Bighorn, Turkey, or other Game in New Mexico  on the JACO Outfitters lease, in Mora, NM units 6, 9, 44/45, 46, 48, 4, 50, 52, 53, 54, and 55 . Part of this operation is conducted on public land under special permit from the U.S. Forest Service.

It is hereby agreed that JACO Outfitters will provide bunk houses, 4X4 vehicles, food, cooking, and help with your game. You will need sleeping bags, pillows, and towels. This is a fully guided hunt unless other arrangement have been made with the outfitter. A fully guided hunt includes one guide for two hunters. One half of the amount is required on all hunts with the balance due 30 days before the hunt. If the balance is not received on time, or other arrangements are not made, the hunt will be re-booked.

JACO Outfitters is bonded and carries liability insurance and has first aid kits on location. A patrol officer will be available if help is needed. New Mexico Outfitters license # 0-01510. Hunters must abide by New Mexico laws. JACO Outfitters will not be liable for hunters not abiding by state hunting laws.

JACO Outfitters wants all hunters to: understand that JACO Outfitters will not be responsible for your vehicles used for hunting or damage done by horses. Understand and agree that the described sport or activity and all other hazards and exposures connected with the activities conducted in the outdoors DO INVOLVE RISK and that I am cognizant of the risks and dangers inherent with camping, in particular in the mountains of New Mexico, and that I am fully capable of participation in the activities contracted for and willingly assume the risk of injury as my responsibility, including control or balance in walking or climbing, use of firearms, use of 4X4 vehicles, weather, collisions with trees, rocks and any man-made or natural obstacles, whether they are obvious or non-obvious. Pursuant to New Mexico law, outfitters are bonded and required to possess the minimum level of liability insurance and that activities of outfitters are regulated by the director of the Game & Fish Department of registrations in the dept. of regulatory agencies.

I too agnowledge that my physical conditions is acceptable for these types of activities.  I in no way hold JACO Outfitters reposnible for my physical and mental health during the signed contracted activity.  I will provide JACO Ouftiters with emergency numbers to home and family doctors prior to any activity conducted during signed cotract period.  Liability is provided by JACO Outfitters for actions induced by any emplyee of JACO Outfitters.

A deposit of $ _______ is hereby accepted and the balance of $_________ will be due 30 days before the hunt to JACO Outfitters, P.O. Box 65, Holman, NM 87723.

In the event the hunter has good reason not to be able to hunt, he must notify JACO Outfitters 60 days before the season to receive his deposit back, so that this hunt can be re-booked.

This certifies that this contract contains all conditions made between parties and that the hunter has received an exact duplicate of the agreement and that the signatures are genuine.

Receipt of Deposit of $___________ is hereby acknowledged.

Date of Acceptance:___________
Hunter:__________________________ John Olivas, Owner/Operator ____________________
                                                                                    JACO Outfitters